These Are the Supplies You Need for Grooming Your Pet

The proper tools will enable you to perform grooming efficiently and without possible injury to your best friend

You will need a shampoo that is specially formulated for your breed of dog. No, your favorite shampoo is not an option, even if it does make Fido smell more appealing. This can be too drying for a dog’s skin. It is worth the time and money to sample a few to find the one best for your pet, just like choosing the right dog food for its digestion and nutrition needs. A dog’s coat will benefit from a conditioner to keep it shiny and healthy. After bathing, a dog should not just shake itself dry.

Your pouch needs its own highly absorbent towel and even a blow dryer to dry off quickly. Food supplements containing vitamin B are a good addition to dog food. Some owners like to put a small dab of olive oil on their hands and rub them over the dog’s coat prior to brushing thoroughly to keep the skin soft and add luster to the coat. You will also need a soft brush for grooming and shining the coat and a stiff wire brush for removing twigs, leaves, gnarls and, heaven forbid, ticks. Special clippers for shaving areas of fur that are matted or likely to get that way are an essential and every dog needs a dedicated scissors.

Flea control is best done with a specific formula prescribed by your veterinarian. Never forget this essential dog grooming aid. Keeping your dog flea and tick free is the most important aspect of grooming for the dog and its human family.

You also need cotton swabs to clean your dog’s ears. Pull gently any hair that may grow inside to the outside of the ear and cut away any matted fur. You can clean the outside of the under ear with isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab if necessary.

Other essential dog grooming tools will aid you in cutting his toenail every 2 or 3 weeks. Get a good set of very sharp, guillotine style clippers and do this regularly so that only a small amount of toenail is removed per session. This will keep your pet from developing split nails or overly long nails that could interfere with his walking and running.

If you have these basic tools of dog grooming and follow a steady routine of grooming, you have the best chance of maintaining a healthy dog and avoiding costly health problems. In addition to proper nutrition, and good spaces to rest and exercise, proper grooming with the right tools is the surest way to a happy pooch.