Keeping Your Rat Healthy

What Kind of Food does my Pet Rat Need?

A healthy diet is key to a happy rat! Rats are omnivorous, meaning they eat meat and veggies just like we do. Most pet rats will do just fine on a rodent mix available at any pet store, they specialize in giving your pet everything they need to survive. That being said, you can do a lot better as a loving owner. However, if you insist on just using the bagged mix from the store, be sure that your rat eats all the food in his dish before giving them more. Rats have a tendency to eat what they like first, and if he does not eat everything, your pet can suffer from being malnourished. Make sure they get a full dish a day (roughly a hand full of food). Generally, rats like to eat all in one sitting, so don’t be surprised if you come back and all their food is gone 🙂 Now we can do much better for our pet rat. Wholegrain foods, veggies, fruit, meat, cookies; pretty much anything you like as a human. An easy way to look at it is, anything that is good for you, is good for your rat. Some healthy examples are wholegrain bread, carrots, celery, apple, grapes, sunflower seeds, peanuts, sliced ham, or beef. You can use cookies, soft candies, and any other high sugar foods in extreme moderation. Generally, I only use these for training purposes.

What Should my Pet Rats cage be like?

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The Importance of Water

As a human, you should know the importance of water. For your pet rat, it is equally important. Invest in one of those plastic bottles with the metal nozzle, you can find them at any pet store and they are the best way to get water to your rat. NEVER let the bottle go empty, if it’s low, fill it. Keeping your pet rat hydrated will keep their coat nice and shinny, keep their skin healthy, keep his immune system at optimal levels, and makes for a happier rat!

Pet Rat Toys

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Keeping your Pet Rat Clean and Healthy

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If you missed it, the About Rats section has some more info on pet rats. Don’t forget to check out our blog for tons of up to minute info on pet rats!